Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen on Zikr

"You don't have to sit in one place to do this (the zikr.) You don't have to close your eyes and do this. You don't have to have a special place to do this. While you're walking, while you're sitting, while you're sleeping, while you're eating, while you're drinking, while you're working -That will work automatically. Like how the water ripples and goes on the stream consistently. It doesn't stop; it always keeps on moving." "If you go on saying that amount [43,242 times per day], if you keep on moving your zikr so much, now God glorifies you 400 million million times. He prays to you because He now has to respond to your zikr. So to the sounds of your zikr, He has to respond to that. It's not a sound that has no response. He will respond to every sound of yours. So His sound now comes to you. Your resonance is with Him and His Resonance is with you. That is what you call a reply... Having transcended the four get to the station of Sufiyyat. And in that station of Sufiyyat, you merge in God and become one. That is what is meant by Sufism. This kind of prayer and worship is what we have to do."

 ~Bawa Muhaiyaddeen,The Third Kalimah CD, tracks 7-9, July 19, 1975. ♥

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