Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mothers of the Nur Ashki Jerrahis

 Mother Maryam and Prophet Isa, peace be upon them  

They immediately recognize Perfect Wisdom
as the sole teacher,
the very principle of Buddhahood
the tender Mother of the Buddhas.
- Lex Hixon, Mother of the Buddhas

Love, intimacy, and constant remembrance are the glorious way.
Essentially, love, love, and more love.
- Shaykha Fariha al Jerrahi

The mystery of motherhood shines in Mecca. Mother of Holy Places, radiates as the Glorious Quran, Mother of Scriptures and illumines the entire universe as umma*, the spiritual community, Mother of the Lovers of Truth.  The mystery of motherhood sparkles secretly as the primary Divine Names, Rahman and Rahim which derive from the single Arabic root meaning womb. The mystery of motherhood glows delicately as the spiritual pregnancy of the heart of both men and women along the mystic way.  This rich spiritual mystery manifests in a special sense through all women.

O Matrix of Existence!  
O Birth Giver, Educator and Protector of All Worlds.
O Glorious One!
amin amin alhamdulillahi rabbi-l-alamin
 - Lex Hixon, Nur al-Jerrahi, Atom of the Sun of Knowledge, p. 168

God does not fit anywhere but the human heart.
The heart is the locus of remembrance of God.
- Shaykha Amina al Jerrahi

The Arabic of the Qu'ran is already much more gender inclusive than any translation.  For instance, even though the word Allah is grammatically masculine, the One's essence (Dhat) and attributes (Sifat) are both gendered female.
Neil Douglas Klotz, foreword to The Heart of the Q-uran by Lex Hixon

Interview with Halifa Ayshegul Ashki from Videos on Vimeo

O Mother, I throw myself on Thy mercy;
I take shel­ter at Thy Hal­lowed Feet.
- Sri Ramakrishna -
Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,
"Paradise lies at the feet of the Mother."

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