Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ya Dhat! Ya Sifat!

There is the essence of God and there are the attributes of God. 
 The essence is impossible for us to understand. 
 We can begin to understand the attributes.
 In fact, part of a Sufi education is to understand those attributes in yourself.
 God has said, "My servants will find Me as they see Me." 
 This does not mean if you think of God as a tree or as a mountain 
that God will be that tree or mountain. 
 If you think of God as merciful, or loving, or as angry or vengeful, 
 that is how you will find God. 

 ~ Sheikh Muzaffer

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Everything will perish, save the Face of God.
--Quran 28:88

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The Seven Name Prayer
by Meher Baba

Hari, Paramatma,
Allah, Ahuramazda,
God, Yezdan, Hu

Say: "Call out to Allah or by the name of Ar-Rahman (The All-Compassionate).
It is all the same because to all the Most Beautiful Names belong to HaShem.
When you pray to The One Who Goes By Many Names,
pray neither too softly or too loudly.
The moderate way is best so seek a way in between."
(Surah al-Isra 17:110)

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