Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ya Sin

In the Name of the Divine One, 
Tenderly Compassionate, Infinitely Merciful

Ya Sin

Oh, beloved!

By the Holy Quran, the Divine Blessing containing the Wisdom of the Beloved,

you are among the ones We sent to the world with Our Message,

the Message which keeps humanity on the Righteous Path to the Beloved.

Through you, beloved of God, We have given the creatures of all the worlds this Holy Revelation  from the Omnipotent One, the Infinitely Merciful One.

You warn those who follow a path of idolatry, believing a stone can be worshiped.  They are unaware as they merely follow the path of their fathers who had no messenger.

The Holy Words do not make sense to them, so they reject the Message contained in them.

It is as though they have yokes around their necks because they cannot understand they do not believe in what is Truth.  Little do they know, that this makes their life most difficult.  They torture themselves, stretching their necks painfully within the yoke of ignorance.

Their test is to take down the walls that imprison them, both before and behind them.  The test also covers them, enveloping them in darkness.  Now the Eyes of their Hearts must open.  Otherwise they will remain oblivious to Truth.

Whether you warn them or not, they are unable to understand.  They remain trapped in their lack of belief.

You are only able to guide those who have passed Our test, the ones who follow Us and remember Us.  They remain in awe of the All-Merciful One, having faith in the Unseen that you have seen.  Give them the good news: they shall be forgiven and generously rewarded.

We revive their hearts that were once dead and We watch their footsteps, before and after, keeping a record of how they departed from their egos and became a people guided by the faith in their hearts.

Tell them of the communities who were truly guided by Our previous messengers.

Tell them how We sent two messengers and the people ignored them and how a third came saying, "We have been sent by God for you."

And the people replied, "You are merely mortals like us and your god has revealed nothing to you!"

The messengers answered, "the Beloved knows we are here with a Divine Message for you.

Our duty is only to bring you a clear message."

Yet the people replied, "We sense you are an evil omen.  If you do not stop, we will stone you and you will suffer from the deeds of our hands."

And the messengers spoke, "You imagine your ideas about evil omens.  Is it because you are uncomfortable about a message which directs you back to Truth?  No, in reality, you are a people who waste yourselves."

Then a man came rushing  from the farthest perimeter of the city. He exclaimed, "Follow these messengers!  

They only ask that you follow the messages they reveal and expect no reward.

What does it mean if I follow my Beloved One who created me and to Whom I will return?

Shall I worship my ego and not Divine?  If the Divine desires to test me with struggles, no stone-image will intercede for me or save me.

It would mean I am lost and go astray.

Oh, messengers who reveal a Divine Message, I have faith in the One who Watches Over me, so hear me!"

We said to the man, "Enter the garden of paradise."  And the man replied, "If only my people knew

I was then forgiven and joined the recognized ones.

After that, no one was sent from heaven against the people who believed, but truly We never send an army down." 

One blow from Us would cause extinction of any who caused great suffering on earth through their disbelief.  It could also leave the world still and silent if We desired.  If We desired it, all could turn to ashes.

There is sorrow for the ones who reject Divine Messages.  Such pity is on those who mock the messengers We sent.

Do they not wonder the plight of those before them who rejected Truth.  Do they really wish to join those whose egos were worshipped instead of Truth?

And truly they will come to face the Divine Being they have rejected, to be judged for their good and evil deeds?

One of Our signs is the way we bring life to beings made of clay.  We cause grain to come alive, growing to feed people.

And we cause orchards and gardens to grow fruit for sustenance.  And among the date palms and vines, water gushes up from the earth.

They eat the fruits they themselves could not cause to grow without the way we give life to seeds.  Will they not give thanks for such blessings?

Glory be to the One who is limitless and who created opposites so that life can grow.  Glory to the One who causes the earth to produce and causes humankind to roam the earth for generations.   Pity upon those who have no knowledge of what We do.

Another sign is the night.  We withdraw the day and, behold, they are then in darkness.

And the sun travels across the sky, following the Divine Command laid down by the Creator of all the worlds.  This is a way to measure the power of the One who is Infinitely Mighty and All-Knowing.

And we have ordained phases of the moon, until it becomes dry like a date stalk.

Through Divine Law, the sun cannot overtake the moon and, likewise, the moon cannot overtake the sun.  Each just swims across the sky, contained in its own orbit, surrendering to Divine Command (its own Sharia).

And it should be a Sign for them that we carried the seeds of their ancestors on a laden boat.

And it should be a Sign that we also carry them on the water.

If We wished, they would sink and drown, with no one to hear their calls for help or rescue them.

It is a Mercy from Us and enjoyment granted them for a while.

And when We advise them: "Guard what is before you and behind you so that Mercy may be yours,  they refuse to hear."

Whenever We communicate with them with signs, they ignore Us and do not turn away when we make them aware of danger.

And when they are told to spend on others with what we have given them, the disbelievers say to the believers, "Shall we feed them, who the Generous One could have fed alone if the One chose? Clearly, you who believe in your God, it is you who have gone astray!"

And the disbelievers ask, "When will be the day of resurrection?  If you are sincere, you can tell us when this threat will come true."

They are waiting for one blast, which will overtake them while they are disputing.

They will have no time to draw up a will nor will they return to their own people.

The trumpet's blow will cause the swarm of sleeping souls to race from their graves to the Creator.

They will exclaim, "Woe to us!  Who has raised us from death's sleep?  The Merciful One was truly warning us; the prophets spoke the truth!

After this Cry, they will all be brought before Us together.

On that day,  the Judge will hold people accountable.  No soul will be wronged in the least.  You will only be repaid for your good and bad deeds.

Those in the Garden on that day will find joy in whatever they do.

They and their mates will recline on couches in the shade.

They will have fruits and all they ask for.

"Peace!" the Infinitely-Merciful will say on that day when only Infinite Mercy will protect the ones who betrayed their souls,

"but stand aside, you who caused so much suffering on the earth!

Did I not command you, O sons and daughters, of Adam, that you not follow the evil one, that you should remain the enemy of evil?

Did I tell you to worship Me and walk the path of compassion and mercy?

The creator-of-evil caused so many of you to go astray!  Why did you refuse to reflect? Instead you agreed with evil.

This moment is the hell you were warned about.  Shall I leave you in hell forever?

Enter the fire of purification today, because you ignored my commands which would have made your hearts pure while you were on earth.

Today We will seal your mouths closed.  Your lies and excuses will not be enough to save you from your regret.  Now the deeds of your hands and feet will bear witness to all you caused them to do.

If We had wished, We would have blinded you to earthly desires of your body.  You would have groped toward the Path, but how would you see?

If We had wished, We could have nailed you to one spot so you would not be able to go forward or turn back. We could have left you without the choice to repent and return to the Sacred Path.

When We grant some a long life, We weaken their bodies.  Do you not understand?

We have not taught the Prophet how to recite myths nor could he have ever created a myth.

The Prophetic Light merely returns with a reminder sent previously and the Divine Light fills these books.

Prophets warn those who roam the earth, warning about the pain they will feel, caused by regret and shame, when they face their own deeds before the Judge.  You were offered Truth, but rejected it ungratefully.

Consider again how much we created for you, Our hands making cattle for you and allowing you to keep them 

And we subdued them so that some could be ridden and others could be food 

And some for milk to drink and some for other benefits.  Will they not give thanks?

Yet they continued to worship imagined gods rather than the One who helped them.

Their gods of stone have no power to help them.  Yet they became like an army for these stones.

O believers, let not their vain words sadden you.  We know what they keep secret and what they disclose.

Have some of the people not perceived how We created them from a seed contained within a drop of semen?  Yet lo and behold!  They remain an adversary!

They argue with Us while forgetting their own creation. They ask, "Who will return life to our bones when they decay?"

Say:  The One who made them in the first place will revive the sleeping soul.  The One is aware of every creation,

the One who produces fire from trees, teaching you how to kindle light.

Is not the One who created you able to create others like you?  Of course!  All is possible for the Omniscient Creator of all!

When the One wills something there is merely the command to Be and it will be!

Glory be to the One whose Hand governs all things.  It is this Supreme One we will all be returned to.

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